Barcelona, 1984.

When I was fifteen, looking through the classifieds in a newspaper to help my brother find a job, I came across an ad that read…”Casting!” Until that moment I had never thought of being an actor, but I was curious and a few months later I started to attend theatre classes in my hometown, Cerdanyola del Vallès.

After graduating in Electronic Art and Digital Design at the ESDi school of the Universitat Ramon Llull, I studied Dramatic Art at the Col·legi de Teatre de Barcelona. Since then I have continued training with masters such as Javier Galitó-Cava, Andrés Lima, Rachael Adler, Mel Churcher or Dugald Bruce-Lockhart to name a few.

Once graduated from the Col·legi de Teatre de Barcelona, with some colleagues we created the theatre company Els Impertèrrits. Apart from the plays we did together, I have been directed in theatre by Àlex Rigola, Jorge Picó or Marc Angelet among others.

For years I was combining acting jobs with other jobs in other disciplines, but every time I spent a while doing another job, I had that feeling inside me of… ” What are you doing here, if acting is what your body is telling you to do! I enjoy every character I bring to life. It’s a new opportunity to grow, to document myself, to learn, to play, to get excited and make people excited. And today all my jobs are related to acting.

I have also worked as an actor in cinema, television and advertising, with directors such as Benito Zambrano, Javier Ruiz Caldera, Armando Bo, Maria Ripoll or Paco Caballero. The shootings, apart from working in Barcelona and Madrid, have taken me to Tenerife, Monaco, France, Portugal or Slovenia, joining two of my great passions: acting and travelling.

In May 2017 I am awarded as Best Comedy Actor for the short film “María Fernanda in Time” by Xavier Pijuan at the OutlantaCon Short Film Festival in Atlanta, USA. My second award as Best Actor comes in Februrary 2018 for the same role at the Medellin International Film Festival in Colombia.

I currently live between Madrid and Barcelona, although I can also be seen pretty often in Geneva and now that I have agents in London, I hope to drop by from time to time there too.

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